Shiva Token is The India’s First Bitcoin Reward Token

Earn Bitcoin while holding $SHIVA Token

10% Bitcoin Re-distribution automatically straight to your wallet. No-Brainer Right?


Why BITCOIN Rewards?

Bitcoin is the beginning of Financial Revelution. A decade ago, 10,000 Bitcoins could buy you a PIZZA. Today 10 Bitcoins can buy you a Luxury Car or a House and in the Next Decade just 1 Bitcoin will make you a Wealthy Person. Hence it’s already considered as the “Digital Gold”. Shiva Token born with the idea of making it’s Holders Financially Independent with this Digital Gold.

A Non-Zero Profit

A Non-Zero Sum Profit Token

Shiva Token is built with a Non-Zero Sum Profit idea where the Investors will be in Profits, Always.

he Memecoins are Rewarding their own coins for holding, which makes you sell them to book your profits and create Red Candles in the Chart. Causing Panic Sell and Monetary Loss to the Investors and Holders.

To prevent this circumstances Shiva Token’s Smart Reward Tokenomics rewarding Bitcoins to it’s Holders by making it a Profitable Asset under every Situation. Shiva Token is made for Diamond Hands (Long Term Investors), where you don’t need to sell your coins to book your profits. Either the Coin jumps to 10x or falls in the Dip, you will be always Rewarded in Bitcoins just for Holding Shiva Token.

Relief Fund Wallet

A separate Relief Fund Wallet is being created to fight against Disastrous Humanitarian Crises across the World. Each year Humankind faces several destructive events around the world like various Natural Disasters, Epidemics, Wars etc. Shiva Token is aimed to fight these Real Life calamities by supplying direct Reliefs in the affected areas either through NGOs or Organizations like Binance Charity, UNICEF, National Relief Funds etc.


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