Why BITCOIN Rewards?

Bitcoin is the beginning of Financial Revelution. A decade ago, 10,000 Bitcoins could buy you a PIZZA. Today 10 Bitcoins can buy you a Luxury Car or a House and in the Next Decade just 1 Bitcoin will make you a Wealthy Person. Hence it’s already considered as the “Digital Gold”. Shiva Token born with the idea of making it’s Holders Financially Independent with this Digital Gold.

A Non-Zero Sum Profit Token

Shiva Token is built with a Non-Zero Sum Profit idea where the Investors will be in Profits, Always.

The Memecoins are Rewarding their own coins for holding, which makes you sell them to book your profits and create Red Candles in the Chart. Causing Panic Sell and Monetary Loss to the Investors and Holders.

To prevent this circumstances Shiva Token’s Smart Reward Tokenomics rewarding Bitcoins to it’s Holders by making it a Profitable Asset under every Situation. Shiva Token is made for Diamond Hands (Long Term Investors), where you don’t need to sell your coins to book your profits. Either the Coin jumps to 10x or falls in the Dip, you will be always Rewarded in Bitcoins just for Holding Shiva Token.

Functions of Shiva Token Features

Shiva Token is The Passive Bitcoin Yield Generator on the Binance Smart Chain.

Bitcoin Rewards Redistributed

10% of each transaction is distributed amongst all Shiva holders in Bitcoin. If you hold a minimum of 100,000 $SHIVA, you are rewarded with Bitcoin.

Auto Distribution - 6 Hours

Shiva holders get Bitcoin automatically rewarded to their address every 6 hours . No need to claim, no need to request. It just appears in your wallet.

Automatic Liquidty

3% of each transaction is automatically injected into the BNB-SHIVA liquidity pool. This is beneficial to all traders of the Shiva token since the increasing liquidity will raise the price floor and make the price more resistant to sudden changes.

DamruNFT Marketplace

DamruNFT will be a Decentralized Community Driven NFT Marketplace to Revolutionize the NFT sector, powered by Shiva token. DamruNFT is born with the aim to Open up the NFT marketplace and Maximize the Earning opportunities to all of the Indie Artists from every corner of the societies across India and the World with Minimal Minting Fees.

T-Swap Decentralized Exchange

T-Swap will be India’s First Decentralized Exchange with Bitcoin Reward Mechanism. It is a Decentralized Exchange that is similar to Pancakeswap,  runs on Binance Smart Chain. It will be a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without a centralized intermediary, keeping custody of your tokens all the while. It is built on automated Smart Contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain platform run by crypto exchange Binance.

Relief Fund Wallet

A separate Relief Fund Wallet is being created to fight against Disastrous Humanitarian Crises across the World. Each year Humankind faces several destructive events around the world like various Natural Disasters, Epidemics, Wars etc. Shiva Token is aimed to fight these Real Life calamities by supplying direct Reliefs in the affected areas either through NGOs or Organizations like Binance Charity, UNICEF, National Relief Funds etc.

Weekly Giveaways

There will be Exciting Giveaway Contests every week to Reward our Holders. Lucky Winners each week will get Exciting Gifts and Rewards by Promoting, Shilling, Contests etc.

Tokenomics Tokenomics

Every $SHIVA Token transaction has 18% automatic tax

Every $Shiva Token transaction (purchased or sold) has 18% automatic tax.

$SHIVA TOKEN creates 3 simple function with this transaction tax:

  • 10% Automatic $BTC Redistribution – 10% of every transaction is AUTOMATICALLY redistributed to the holders in $BTC. Auto-Claim $BTC to the Holders Wallet after a 6 hrs reward cycle. (You have to be holding a minimum of 100,000 $SHIVA Tokens)
  • 5% Marketing Tax – The marketing wallet will receive 5% tax from the transactions and also as reflections. Receiving in BNB/bitcoin is better, because when the marketing wallet receives the own project token, it needs to be sold at once to pay for marketing and this makes the price radically fall.
  • 3% Automatic Liquidity Pool – 3% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating liquidity on PancakeSwap


Bitcoin Re-Distribution


Marketing Tax


Automatic Liquidity Pool



Bitcoin Re-Distribution


Marketing Tax


Automatic Liquidity Pool


Automatic Buy-Back & Burn






Token Distribution Token Distribution

Transparency at $SHIVA Token is paramount, especially in the BSC environment, where very few projects emphasize on this principle. We therefore strive to provide confidence for our holders and future investors through an efficient horizontal communication with nothing left to chance.

Total supply

51,000,000,000 (51 Billion)

Marketing & Product Development Wallet

4,080,000,000 | 8% of total supply

Dev & Team Wallet

1,530,000,000 | 3% of total supply

Relief Fund Wallet

2,550,000,000 | 5% of total supply

Initial Burn (Before Launch)

2,040,000,000 | 4% of total supply

Periodically Burn

5,100,000,000 | 10% of total supply

Private Sale

2,550,000,000 | 5% of total supply

Public Pre-Sale (DxSale)

30,660,000,000 | 60% of total supply

Airdrop & Giveaways

2,550,000,000 | 5% of total supply



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Co-Founder & Marketing
Veer Bhadra
Graphics & MOD

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